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It’s Sunday and it’s quiet. The day for taking your time and think about the things you did not have time for the whole week..

I thought this blog might be useful to those like me who has just moved to Berlin or are thinking to move to Berlin.

So, how does one find him/herself in Berlin? Get in to the vibe of the city where every single wall is signed, where beer costs 0,33 cents per bottle and where the amount of posters on the wall are twice thicker than the wall itself?

I have moved to Berlin just over 2 months now and the reason for that was the creative community and diversity of art projects i could join. Since I came to Berlin I never stopped running, Berlin is not manic or stressful like London, but there are so many interesting things to see around, people to meet that sitting at home seems to be absolutely pointless.. Even freelancers here rent a desk outside their house in order to enjoy the feeling of creativity and total freedom.

Talking about freedom, Berlin seems to be a place where everything is possible. You can do whatever you like no one is going to stop you or look at you. Friday and Saturday nights in Berlin’s metro are my favorite there is no time to look in the window where you see only darkness anyway, there are always happy people to talk to you. You can say hi to anyone, shake their hand, share a beer, or an apple or orange just like yesterday. His juice was splashing everywhere, he was truly enjoying his mellow fruit when his mate was enjoying his pear. 4am

With a great historic past Berlin welcomes everyone.

Berlin has a thriving international art scene that has made the city its own, over and over again. Estimates suggest that around 5,000 artists, 1,200 writers, 1,500 bands (pop, rock, and world music), 500 jazz musicians, 103 professional orchestras and music ensembles, 1,500 choirs, 300 theater groups, and 1,000 dancers and/or choreographers of contemporary dance live and work in Berlin.

In the blog I aim to write about places, spaces, people, useful links and just share interesting pictures and videos of Berlin.

Copyright © Jekaterina Avant Hard


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