It is not vintage

Arnoldius © 2006

After living 3 years the UK, I have learned that certain things became vintage or better to say second hand items, which people take to charity shops and then only students who do Film studies might need that item for their uni projects.

In Germany i faced the FACT that typewriter is still in use and being sold, seriously. VHS cassettes are being sold in simple shops like Netto.  No reason to panic, no reason to read off your old vhs players, here you still can record and use it!

Also, Germans love old computers. I have been so far to two big institutions and both of them were using old screens and truly old awkward keyboards. I guess it is positive, no rush, let’s use it until it goes!

Tumi © 1983

1 comment
  1. costeek said:

    I still dreaming about a typewriter…

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