Speed dating session at .HBC

Copyright © 2010 Jekaterina Avant Hard

Speedy boarding for speed dating! 

“No reason to get excited,”
The thief, he kindly spoke
“There are many here among us
Who feel that life is but a joke
But you and I, we’ve been through that
And this is not our fate
So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late”

Jimi Hendrix

In the reference to my 1st post that in Berlin everything is possible, and its a place of freedom, here is a party to attend:

This Thursday, Berlin’s own “Church of Love” will be preaching its irreverent gospel at .HBC with LOVE 1,2,3!, a hybrid night of speed dating, performances, and after-party. Reverend Jean Jacques, a gaggle of (supposedly) chaste nuns, DJs, and temporary tattoos from artist Virginie Garnier will make sure everybody can find a somebody—if only for the night. —[sh]

Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 9
Thurs. from 19.30, performance at 21.00, €3. Reserve a speed dating spot by email, or just attend the party afterward

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