try walking in my shoes

A loja © 2011

There is always something to loose and there is always something to get. Berlin is a place full of fashion designers, people who want to learn how to sew or knit. It is a paradox, but Berlin does not have a great variety of clothing shops in comparison to The UK. ZARA, H&M and i guess Kleidermarkt would be the most popular ones.The prices are higher, but the income is lower once again in comparison to The UK. I got used to English High Streets with TopShop, Primark, New Look and of course Urban Outfitters. Not that i am a fashion monkey, jumping from one store to another; but this strange limitation made me think where am I going to get my winter coat?

My 1st home in Berlin was based at Falckenstein str. just above a nice designer’s place called A Loja and being ran by a Portuguese girl with the same name like me- Katja. A Loja is something typical to Berlin’s style. Open, colourful, friendly, original and fun. Starting a new collection they make a big celebration on the street. Sadly, did not have a chance to join yet, but you can check photographs from the last one on their Facebook homepage.

Talking about Urban Outfitters. Very expensive, or just about/successfully overpriced, but so well fitting into Berlin’s vibe. Maybe too expensive for Berlin, but then why Humana is so scary? And T.K. Maxx with their jumpers for 119? They had to come, and the demand was high. After years of waiting, Berliners are going to have one too! You can keep your eye on the process on Facebook.

Falckenstein str. was also the 1st street where i saw GIVEBOX. And this is something i will be dreaming about in Riga; but it will take Latvians another decade to learn what is SHARING and what is CARING. Givebox is a wooden booth with shelves and holders for clothing, books, CDs, shoes etc. It is open 24/7 and is made for everyone and anyone. The most beautiful thing is that it works! No one demolishes it, people leave there things regularly. As far as i am aware the idea grows fast in Germany with a few giveboxes outside Berlin; and there is one in Vienna!


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