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by =floppyrom

Lately I was really disappointed with current music scene, especially with soggy British indie, which was filling in the setlists at Glastonbury, and only ATP seemed to make sense with the old good system of a well selected curator. I have not been going to concerts since February 2011(Mogwai, and a month ago I was to kneipe here in Berlin, Neukölln which belongs to one of the guys), but Berlin had to become a new starting point, I hoped…

This is less relevant to Berlin as such, still this is relevant to my life in Berlin, since I knew about the band at work. Madensuyu (turkish water) started their musical career by ending third in Belgian rock competition Humo’s Rock Rally 2004, after Absynthe Minded and The Van Jets. The band has released  two albums quiet a while ago: A Field BetweenD is done. All what i needed: rock’n’roll in my blood; i wanted to feel the blood running faster. These two guys made it for me, did it really well. The blood is intoxicated. And it is not too complicated, seems rather simple, but joyful and open. A mixture of speech, yelling and singing goes along with rough guitar sound. They don’t seem to tour a lot, remaining quite underground, but they should definitely have a show in Berlin. And of course it does not metter how many people you have on stage two or ten, it is all about the recipe.

The videos below will make it clear to you.

P.S. My first two concerts in Berlin were: Chinawoman and Einstürzende neubauten. Both were quite unusual experiences.


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