Audiovisual sensations at Volksbühne

screen shot from ARACHMANINOFF

The image manipulated by sound is a slave of the musician. He can have it the way he wants, as fast as he wants and even as long as he wants.

Sound & Vision event supported by INTERFILM FESTIVAL on the 18th of November turned to be astonishing, fulfilling and inspiring!

9 animated short films were all wonderful pieces of work whose original sound tracks were totally wiped off and replaced with the live performance in front of the full Volksbühne theatre, and even sitting on the stairs could not upset the satisfied audience! A different musician, from solo to an orchestra, for each short film. Perfect length, perfect diversity of musical expression and perfect narrative lines and the performance. This is a very powerful manipulation I have undergone and feel rather excited. This is something I would like to experience more: film + live music.

Besides the musician becomes the message deliverer, as he dictates the mood and the atmosphere; and even a dark and mysterious story can become funny if the trumpet goes: puff puff..

Sadly you can not find those works online, only two: LOVE & THEFT by Andreas Hykade and old Polish experimental piece called  KWADRAT by Christopher Zitterbart. However what you hear HERE is not of course what I heard THERE. And the whole live sound made a big difference. Each work came as a surprise. Different techniques, different stories and styles, but all surreal, experimental and very eye catching. I wanted to be that girl on the piano who’s long long hair was cut by fairy bunnies and foxes, and I wanted to be in Lithuania to see how these industrial objects brake away from the earth and start floating and spinning in the air. And I wanted to meet that crazy man with zips all over his body…

Screen shot from HOW TO RAISE THE MOON by Anja Struck


Screen shot from SYNCHRONISATION by Rimas Sakalauskas

screen shot from LOVE & THEFT by Andreas Hykade

Next year do not miss it! LINK


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