at The Zone with bombs

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And so I went to The Zone, which is a very new bar/venue stage in NeuKoelln. And I guess their live nights are called   NoiseKoelln. The place looks like many others in Berlin, when you start renting a half demolished space which needs renovating, but being in a military city this is not necessary, and non-design space works in Berlin just fine. You get the chairs, stools and tables from the streets, what people through away, so you end up with 50 different ones and all what you now need to sort out is the bar. Not much hustle there either, just a bigger table as beers come only in bottles and wine is under the table.

The live music took a place downstairs, under the ground. The first act was Earth Chaos(I guess), one guy turning his wires and buttons making us feel like in the bunker during the Second World War. The space was totally dark, only a couple of candles were lighting the room. So, pretty heavy atmos and a carpet for on the floor. The guy was really bombing, for about 15 minutes. Not bad, not bad..

The 2nd act which can not be found on i guess were Sun Worship , some sort of metal band who has just released a tape. And it is was the music when all 50 people shacked their heads in unison. And interestingly enough, almost no one left the room during their session, as usually people go in and out peeing and buying beers, this time their were glued. Sabbath..

3nd act Moon Wheel never happened for real, as the Second World War progressed and the Nazis came. The police was called by the 1st floor neighbors and we were told to go to Loop Hole on Boddinstr. 60. which was a weird place with no handle at the door so you can not enter or leave the place, and they had ONLY one type of Polish beer and Club Mate. So, the main act  was finishing his set there.


Tonight at 8pm you could try the gallery opening: EMPATHIE – BERLIN 2011 Einzelausstellung Osca-Fabian Jentsch

It’s all about thoughts and mind explosion. I hope.

EMPATHIE – BERLIN 2011 Einzelausstellung Osca-Fabian Jentsch

  1. Olle said:

    First act was Earth Chaos from Essen. The tape was released by Sun Worship, the black metal band. The third act that was moved to Loophole was Moon Wheel.

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