Avant Garde meets Ethnochaos

Kimmo Pohjonen, Finland

Heavy heavy Mondays. Heavy as hell.

It’s hard to wake up, it’s hard to brush your teeth, it’s hard to squeeze in the train and hang among hundred of other heavy Berliners, and it’s easy to be late.

But it is good to know Mondays can be the continuity of a good weekend. Welcome back to Volksbühne!

As a part of Nordwind Festival:

Kimmo Pohjonen( Kimmo Pohjonen  is one of the most respected and in-demand musicians and performers in Finland) and DakhaBrakha( a group from Ukraine which plays the contemporary-folk music, defined themselves as “ethno-chaos”) are going to cherish Berliners tomorrow with their magic tunes.

Love your Mondays! Fill your empty brain with Finish and Ukrainian energy! I say no more.

Tickets and info: http://www.nordwind-festival.de/2011/en/dates

See you there!

Kimmo Pohjonen

Kimmo Pohjonen




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