The Finnish Devil and Ukrainian Swans

I was a bird in the air, and he was shooting in me. And every time he was geting into my flash I felt good, incredibly good. With every shot I was going higher and higher..I felt like I was fire, the fire burning the roof..I forgot who I was.

/Oн вспахал мой мозг трактором/ He has digged up my brain with a tractor

All this year I was searching for a sonic sound which could surprise me.

Surprise me! Surprise me! I was tired of indie, I was tired of the same voices and words. I was bored to death.

But Kimmo Pohjonen did it tonight. He has surprised me. He was THE FINNISH DEVIL with thunder and lighting and DACHABRACHA were 3 white swans with earthquakes and a shepherd. 

He has started with Juuso Hannukainen and continued with ДахаБраха until they made the The Volksbühne to get lost in time and space.


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