Berlin in December

On the 2nd of December Berliners still drink their morning coffee outside enjoying it with a cigarette. Same in the evening, when it is already dark, there are still a few wrapped in blankets sitting outside. It is hard to say “see you later” to summer time in Berlin. Berliners love being outside in their green parks with a beer and a cigarette.

All what it means is +12 in Berlin in winter, people try to grab what’s left from the summer. No snow, no feeling of Christmas. Berliners only a week ago pulled their X-mas decoration out, in comparison to the UK where its being done on the 1st of November just after Halloween has passed.

Winter should be time for more cinema. A warm room, glühwein and a good film.

The Russian Film Week has started on the 30th of November with premier  Wyssozki – danke, für mein Leben. You have another 5 days to check the latest Russian cinema. I am not advertising this, as there are a lot films you never want to see, however there are a few about The Great October Revolution(Es war einmal eine Frau) and Perestroyka(Mein Papa ist Baryschnikow) that are probably worth seeing.

And on the 1st of December the French Film Week has started too. I was always saying French do not do bad cinema. It can be funny, silly, naive, but never bad or unbearable. Or maybe I never came across with bad stuff, as i am very careful with my film selection.  Watch the trailer from the home page, J’aime!!!


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