2€ for the Baltic pleasure in the garage of PANKOW

Baltic Shorts

The nordic wind and the Baltic Sea one after another. This makes me miss home. But in Berlin you can collect pieces of every culture little by little. And next week, on the 9th of December 3 Baltic countries are representing their works in Garage Pankow. The hidden treasures of small countries can be found in the heart of Europe. I came to Berlin to see the whole world…But seeing my own home, my own country makes me smile. I am glad there are not just talented people there, but absolutely crazy and dedicated people creating unique and meaningful things! Things I can be proud of at least on the art level if not social…

Will never forget the impressive stop motion animation  | Sky Song | from Mati Kütt which was shown at Baltic Film Festival Berlin in September. The activity on Balticshorts.com surprises. We are alive, we film a lot! 


Estonians have something special in their animation. Estonians are living in animated world themselves. We Lithuanians and Latvians don’t really know them, they are like aliens in Baltics. They speak completely different language, they are the smalest and the most developed country out of 3. They are more Scandinavian and looking colder in their skin…They don’t welcome strangers, and it takes you ages to become their friend..  And they think differently.

short film “In the Air” (2009) from Martinus Klemet on Vimeo.


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