Bodies & cramps 2011

All rights reserved by Elvira Bukowski

Time wastes our bodies and our wits, but we waste time, so we are quits.

~Author Unknown

Each year in December i think of the past 12 months and sum them up. I like seeing the progress or regress,changes or simply remember one more time things which where important at one stage or another. In some way it helps to follow the time…

All rights reserved by Katja Avant Hard 2011

  • The person of the year: Adam Adlam (75 year-old English gentleman, who became like a granddad to me. For his 75th birthday I gave him my legs, i know he is the right man to appreciate them. Adam is the person who knows no age, he lives on full blast as if he was 25. When he had a mini stroke this year all what he could remember from that day was a sexy blond nurse checking his blood pressure, oh hell yeah..)
  • The luck of the year: free access to Berlin events or freebees in Berlin. We say nothing is for free and it is true, but surprisingly this rule does always work in here, Berlin still has things and places where you do not pay… We can start with the fact that you CAN go for free in the underground, if you are risky and careful enough.. Or GIVEBOXes I have mentioned before.. and etc.
  • The achievement of the year: film Moloko (1st directed short film, it was tough)
  • The place of the year: Berlin/Kreuzberg – i simply walked back and forward for the last 5 months. Kotti has become the crossing point, and soon enough I also learned that the 70s Zoostation drug scene (which has not been rebuilt and still looks exactly the same)  has moved to Kottbusser Tor:

Book Cover

  • The discovery of the year: porn/Porn Film Festival. I never thought of porn seriously, and normally ignored that by getting bored in 2 minutes. But this year I learned how different and entertaining the porn can be! Review follows down, skip it or read it:

The last week of October Berlin was occupied with porn, sex and

all rights reserved by Katja Avant Hard

masturbation. For the five exciting days 6. Porn Film Festival Berlin lasted in the oldest and smallest cinema Moviemento. People were moving shoulder to shoulder and have reached all the records with 5,500 visitors! If you missed it you missed five days of your life.

There is no doubt that Porn Film Festival is more than just a sexual intercourse or naked genitals. The opening of the Festival on Wednesday night with Man at Bath seemed to be no different from others – popcorn, beers and a room full of viewers. But this was just a sensitive warm up, a gradual starting point for the weekend’s explosion when Festival visitors undressed, touched themselves in the cinema rooms and had sex in the bathroom. A great variety of people were fully satisfied with a great variety of porn choice. Porn was experimental, classical, arty, female, male, fetish or documental. Everyone could please his or her needs, wishes or curiosity. Three cinema rooms and a bar with sexual decorations were in the constant flow of people, chilling and talking about porn. The discussion happened also outside having a cigarette, where one could meet porn stars or film directors. This Festival definitely had a good aura; people seemed to be positively charming, including staff that was very friendly and smiley. And of course, staff’ lovely speeches before each film made everyone feel welcome and intrigued. The whole cinema was sharing something in common, a wish for life, a wish for vibrance.

Most of the films were sold out, of course one of the most popular ones were: Fucking Different XXX, Bottom X and Fetish/Art Porn. Fight for your right to get some porn! Queuing for porn – that was fun! Thirty minutes before the start with one dropping off another could take his place.

All rights reserved by Katja Avant Hard

Porn can be fun, porn can be absurd; porn can be boring, porn can have a plot; porn can be just a pure fuck. Porn is everything you want! The screenings of short films were the most joyful; people really enjoyed seeing so many different stories within an hour. They laughed, applauded and had twice more beer. Gay porn gathered mostly men, only a few female were interested in seeing a different act. However it seemed that the female porn (filmed by women) had an equal amount of both genders, men wanted to know how the female directors think and show explicit scenes, and every woman had the rights to feel like a true feminist enjoying the female dominance. The documentary by Katharina Szmidt CUM DIFFERENT – FRAUEN MACHENS ANDERS was a thoughtful 30-minute long film where women share their ideas about sexual scenes and the methods they should and should not be filmed. Certainly the preference lies within showing the female orgasm suppose to male shooting. Female directors also think that it is much more important to show the expressions of the face not only genitals and rubbing movement from different angles. The most amusing shorts were Auto Fuck by French film director Manon des Gryeux with an old man satisfying himself with a strange dildo construction and also the winner of the shorts Swedish film director Joanna Rytel and her imaginative doll game GANGBANG BARBIE. When porn can surprise and hold the attention for more than 10 minutes, it means it has a secret to share. Friday night the audience could see a rather peculiar film by Joseph Graham called Strapped. The narrative structure of the film held the attention within the entire session. A school boy-hustler gets lost in the blocks of flats with never-ending corridors and steps where most of the inhabitants are gay men. Each character he meets is a new bright individuality. This collection of gay people also meant different services; that is why the film never gets boring.

But not every film was a tasty piece of delicatessen. Modern porn Till Sex Do Us Apart with a blond storyteller seemed hopeless in turning on anyone in the audience. People were leaving the room one by one. After mentally or physically coming with actors in previous films, very exaggerated faces and a pathetic story line felt too primitive and not enough engaging.

Sunday felt more quiet but not less surprising. Porn Film Festival is not a passive chair sitting, this Festival makes you move; respond to the screen. Maria Llopis, Ariel Efraim Ashbel and Jürgen Brüning hosted an interactive event Meat/ing on the Internet, which offered two websites “Chatroulette” and “Manroulette” on the big screen in front of the audience where you connect to a random naked person and you are both free to do any kind of sexual activities. Live time action made the audience experience exhibitionist and voyeuristic.

Brilliant Love aka Orgasm Diaries was a closing film – sentimental and lovely lullaby. Both screenings were sold out and this not too heavy porn put a dot on this night. Almost the whole crew(see picture on the left) made an effort to get to Berlin and answer everybody’s questions, which was very positive. The [blow]job is done, time to get some sleep!

The Festival is definitely well-organized with a lot of valuable guests and curious profiles to meet and to talk to. English translation and English introduction is a very nice combination to naked girls who were selling tickets, and of course a charming beer-popcorn boy. After this experience it feels like watching porn at home is a bad idea, boring and too familiar. New sharp feelings are always good, but sometimes it also can be too much. Let’s rest another year and collect new energy for the 7. Porn Film Festival. 

  • The disappointment of the year: English Medical system, I can not comment here. Simply speechless within years… I also think Lynch should have filmed another weirdo instead of making music which makes no sense without visuals.

  • The loss of the year: I guess, 300 euro for the luggage in Easyjet was the most painful.

  • The band of the year: Madensuyu (the biggest discovery as for the past 2 years I was the way TOO disappointed with music, apart from old post rockers and experimental guys like Blockhead and Vialka. And I also would like to mention Chinawoman. I came across with her music just on time)

  • The live show of the year:  Einstürzende Neubauten, which was for free by the way

  • The book of the year:  Zakia, R. Perception and photography. I simply discovered GESTALT.

  • The film of the year: this is rather difficult, but Thanks, Mr. Birdwistle. I truly miss you. Best person in CCCU. He showed us Fallen Angels by Wong Kar Wai at Art Cinema lecture:
  • The animal of the year: elephant

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