mi-kuni 未國

Mi-kuni. Photo taken from http://www.mi-kuni.com/photo.html

I went to see Mi-kuni a week ago, after a long working day this is something that takes you away, away to Japanese nature and demons. Mi-kuni is a Japanese project; traditional myth songs accompanied with a performance which is a mixture of kabuki theatre, Butoh dance and yoga movements.

Mi-kuni are: Voice/Dance:Niina Maeda
Voice/Drum: jujiro Maegawa
Voice/Drum: Msaya Hijikata
Bamboo Flute(Syakuhachi): Jin Obu
Camera: Hiroki Mano

They live in Berlin which means you can catch them next year. Performances like these can not be described in words, that is why I am short here.

Homepage: http://www.mi-kuni.com/ 

And if anyone hears about Butoh performances in Berlin, please let me know.
Thank you!


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