Swedish propaganda: death by penis!

First Friday after New Year- I have survived!

Half sleepy half hallucinated the 1st working week is over, now time to sleep or get your head out of your room, of course if you have not broken your leg digging a heavy party.

X-mas ‘n’ New Year’s leftovers are still on the streets: half-dead X-Mas trees (orthodox can pick them up as it is their X-mas tonight!), broken glass and empty fireworks mixed with dog’s shit. However, still no snow..

Certainly there are quite a few events to attend this weekend, but I want to jump ahead to the one i am going to attent in .. a month.

When I was a teenager I was not so serious as now(I used to have bright orane grinders and green jeans), so i preferred playful electro to dark and moody 80s rock’n’roll. But you feel nostalgic when the band you have not listened to for 5 years suddenly plays on somebody’s playlist.

OH, My God! I have not heard this in ages!

And then you start moving, or your body does..

And when the band plays in your town, almost in your yard, you get truly excited and want to party like you are 20 again.


Bondage Fairies is a “nintendo-death-punk” band.

Sexy Swedes with a healthy sense of humor.

You of course remember this:

And the new album:

I am seriously looking forward to this. Let’s smash the White Trash!


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