Glitched by Nature: Transmediale 2012

GLITCHs NOT DEAD t-shirt designed by UCNV

Just a year ago, exactly a year ago, I was sitting in the DIGITAL MEDIA room in England browsing Transmendiale page thinking how great it would be to attend the festival. The idea or the message of the festival was directly clashing with my studies(the point of interest) and my diploma research. And then 3 months later I have finished writing my diploma about THE AESTHETICAL VALUE AND CHARACTERISTICS OF GLITCH ART; LO-FI ARTISTS FORMULA AND THEIR PRACTICES (available on for download on my homepage: HERE ), where I have mentioned all the Glitch Art pioneers and Glitch practitioners, the most active name seemed to be  Rosa Menkman. I was mainly discussing how one puts it in the “art” category, finding the right niche for it. There are plenty discussions going online about how to make glitch what is glitch, and how do we deal with it? There are tutorials, analysis, manifestos, conferences, festivals, new books published, etc. But only 10 years ago it was novelty, tsomething what was never fully discussed before.

─┤└┬┘₱̌̌̌̌̌̌̌̌̌̌̌̌̌̌̌ ┼_̶̶̶̶̶┘█▀ ▌┴▐ ┴┴ ▌┼_̶̶̶̶̶3̶̠̅̆E
˃ » ► ░▒▒▓▓▓███▀▄█▄█▀▌▀█▀▐█▀
▓▒░Ͼ(ΦΧΦ)Ͻ░░▒▒▓█▓▒▒░░ (θόθ)░▒▓
¨¨ººººo᷆᷆͋͋͋͋͋o̾̾̾̾̾̾̾̾̾̾̾̾̾̾̾̾̾̾̾̾̾̾̾̾̾̾̾̾00O0̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̾̾̾̾̾̾̾̾̾̾̾̾̾̾o͕ͫͫͫͫͫͫͫͫoͦͦͦͦͦ◌ͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬ○ͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭ○ͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤ…My main concern was to talk about the paradox – how trash becomes treasure, in other words how the unwanted bug on our computer can become welcomed and be SOLD, like everything else these days... Thus, glitch has become a brand.

All rights reserved by geso1001

All rights reserved by ForTheWinMusic

Some rights reserved by Rantz

All rights reserved by cmyka_msced

All rights reserved by geso1001

In my conclusion I have said:

Lo-fi art has progressed under new coltural conditions

making its way to the galleries.

And this year 2012, I am in Berlin and Transmediale welcomes Rosa Menkman with her speech:

Rosa Menkman’s animation to the panel that she is moderating in the in/compatible symposium on aesthetics.
Feb 2–4, 2012, Auditorium at Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Rosa Menkman

Exciting links for those who are into GLITCH or trying to understand what it is:
How to stop your computer from hiccups? Just de:bug it.

WAV turned into a square chunk of white noise distortion:

Some more topics which made me pay some attention:

Porn, Patriotism and Paranoia on the Chinese Internet

is a talk + screening of the reSource programme at transmediale 2012
w/ Warbear & Katrien Jacobs
Saturday, Feb 4, 2012, 16:30–18:00, K1, Haus der Kulturen der Welt



  • THU 02.02.2012 | 14:30 h | Admission: 8 €/5 €

Suspension, Anthony Discenza, us 1997, 8 min.
Magic for Beginners, Jesse McLean, us 2010, 20 min.
Eight Characters and Two Syllables, Andreas Schneider, de 2011, 43 min.

With its three films this programme reflects on the role of mass media in the production of our desires, feelings and bodily-aesthetic ideals. Anthony Discenza’s title-giving short film Suspension (1997) deconstructs the pretty faces of media seduction through faulty analogue picture editing. Ten years later, in Jesse McLean’s video Magic for Beginners (2010), the protagonists wonder whether they can actually tell the difference between artificially generated and “authentic” feelings. In Eight Characters and Two Syllables(2011), Andreas Schneider edits together material from a make-up community YouTube channel, allowing insights beyond perfectly applied make-up.

  1. Rosa said:

    Hey! I am going to read your thesis!
    But a shame you were not there last year, because actually the one performance (collapse of PAL) took place in 2011, Transmediale keeps it in the database – I think thats where you run into it?

    • I see, yeah. That was the only info i found. I checked now their Facebook profile and i see i am a year late!
      haha, thanks for this, i will update the post!

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