Digitally Trans:formed & in/compatible society

photo by Katja Avant-Hard

Transmediale 2012: 30.01.-5.02

Shiny gold press kits, shiny gold posters and the topic: in/compatible

How does a modern face fitted into contemporary society look like? Is is a touch screen face? Does it flicker? Does it glitch? Is it loud? Does it speak 8-bit and 16-bit langues? Is it censored and copyrighted?

Do you fit in modern society?


 On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.

Peter Steiner


Going to Transmediale for the 1st time I was curious to see what topics they will be discussing, and issues they will be solving and analysing. I guess 10 years ago Transmediale was dealing with different topics than now; and it is obvious that the festival curators are working their asses off on geting the latest topics up with the best quality representers.

The audience is young; so the festival has to make sure the language their use is accessible. Noise seemed to be a dominant element: exhibitions rooms roared, performers made explosive sounds and the earplugs were given too (young ears should be preserved!), and of course glitch was widely represented by many different artists in different retrospects.

Pure noise, dirty noise, quiet noise, loud noise, visual noise, sonic noise… Glitched Simpsons, scratched DVDs, broken data, unfixable screens, microwaves on fires, old good Come To Daddy video… Noise feels peaceful and relaxing. Within few minutes i learned how to enjoy noise.
The trailer is filmed with low quality cam, putting an impact on media sources we use(of course not all of us are 5D MK2 users).

The screenings were concentrating on Youtube generation addicts, which were quite well selected, informative in a way and also shocking. People live “real lives” on Youtube: crying, laughing, putting make up on, telling stories… Scary digital maniacs freaking out their thoughts through a web cam. That is why Vimeo put quality emblem right away.

As about the quality of Transmediale 2012. I should admit curation still is the hardest part. It is hard to be clear, representative, meaningful and interesting at the same time. Mixture of accents also sometimes can be a problem, BUT not if the speaker is excellent. Many panels had a great potencial but were not open fully.

The speaker has to be able to surprise the audience and keep their attention for longer than 10 minutes. This is not easy, and not because this out psychology, but because the audience these days knows too much( i am talking about a particular audience with a particular point of interest).

I truly enjoyed Jodi Dean speech about Occupy LiveWallst movement. She was very self-confident with a strong point of view, brave to disagree with anyone in the audience. She was passionate in her speech, providing a chain of visual material which has empowered her presentation. However, i still have a question… Going against capitalism, screaming about the disbalance, what economical and political solution does this world wide revolution offer? They fight for democracy. But at the moment these are slogans, posters and sharp-witted political art.. So, what solution do you offer? You surely do not want communism back saying that Marx was right? Please feel free for commenting here.

from Facebook Occupy page

Occupy Wall Street. Taken from:

the 99%

Taken from Occupy Facebook page

Joshua Light show, fully analog equipment and the biggest projector in Europe (if I believe the Transmediale director words) was outstanding, meditative and very original for these digital days. I should not describe the effects, as words will have no meaning here…

I just will add that i attended the 2nd show with Oneohtrix Point Never(us), and the guy was really good. Of course, this is show music best enjoyed with visuals.


Images from the backstage 2 days before the shows: Tons of equipment was brought from America to Berlin!


Joshua light show

Joshua light show. Photo by Katja Avant-Hard

Joshua light show

Joshua light show. Photo by Katja Avant-Hard

Saturday was a sex day, dealing with online problems. Chinese are big fans of Japanese porn, of course, because in their own country it is banned and everyone who attempts to go over it gets blacklisted or put in prison. Porn is more exciting when you can not access it as easy as in Europe. Gay comics and Futanari are highly appreciated. School girls being fucked by men in suit. They make this noise between pain and pleasure, and until she reaches orgasm noone really understand if she cries or enjoys it.

All this enlightenment comes from Katrien Jacobs (Belgium); and she seems to be the only practitioner and analist in chinese porn paranoia. is the only webpage which writes about everything happening in China

Article by Katrien Jacobs

Ok. and here is the song which was made against the computers with chips stoping porn on your pc.

Futanari: girls with dicks. Taken from

It was nice to see Rosa Menkman (The Glitch goddess), and thank you for your Glitch Manifesto in a printed form. Everyone else can read it here in pdf format: CLICK

I guess what really would be thrilling, – is a glitch workshop. As there are many ways how to bend the data, but for some of us less technical that does seem to be so straight forward. I know the are video and blogs with the instructions, but that is a normal part of the Internet. But a real workshop on glitch would just feel totally different. I won’t be surprised if in a couple years there be a lecture on “Bugs in the machine” in one of the Berlin’s universities.


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