Live scene in Berlin: February, March, April


Some musical explosions are coming to Berlin within the next 3 months! Different styles, different venues, different categories. Make your choice:

This thursday Feb the 9th on of the most important downtempo performs will stage in Berlin.
BONOBO : Gretchen, Berlin

Austrian artist Anja Plaschg (born 5 April 1990) in Volksbühne, February the 12! Dark and melodic girl at the piano.

SOAP&SKIN (sold out)

Scary and Beautiful at the same time. Can’t stop my gaze.

The night after (February the 13th) Peter Hook (Joy Division drummer!) will come with his band The Light to perform “Unknown Pleasures” – timeless debut album, in K17 club.

Joy Division leftovers, so to speak. Enjoy while it lasts! Grab that tune! Stop freezing like a bastard. Bring your ass to K17! Tickets 30 euro.

A few weeks later, March 21st (yes! we are only 3 weeks away from the spring!) at Lido you can see a post rock band, called


in support to their last, rather sludgy album “Tunnel Blanket”.  TWDU is an American band (Texas) formed in 2005, has made it through in this terrible mass of post rock and post-post rock generation. It is all about the melody and explosive motives.

And jumping to April the 9th, another quiet instrumental band, this time post-metal will perform at Festsaal Kreuzberg




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