Birdy Nam Nam

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In the middle of Kreuzberg, the former stables of the Prussian 1st Guards Dragoon Regiment Queen Victoria of Great Britain and Ireland from 1854, GRETCHEN presents itself in a historic charm combined with a cool club design. The beautiful vaulted ceiling, the delicate columns are now sounded with beats and bass.GRETCHEN’s program as a (live) club reflects the complexity of current musical trends. From electro, electronica, house, dubstep, over IDM, glitch, experimental, avant-garde to bass, independent, folk and jazz GRETCHEN presents itself as absolute open for any style. GRETCHEN is electronically to unplugged, presents DJ sets and live concerts.

>>>The name GRETCHEN stands for purity, honesty and innocence. At the same time she is an object of desire for Goethe’s Faust. But Gretchen is also perhaps the most brutal serial killer in modern literature. STRAIGHT are both at the end …

This is something i am looking forward to visit next month for a French DJ set Birdy Nam Nam, sounds like my place. Friday March 30th! 21:00h. 

 I guess I will be in Berlin until it can not surprise me anymore.

Club Gretchen



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