Gekeimte Bohnen: Green in Berlin, greasy in London, drunk in Copenhagen, hungry in Riga

Berliners (and other Germans) like germinated bean sprouts. They like it green and fresh in general. In stead of greasy MCdonalds, you see a child sucking a cucumber, and it makes you smile.

And it seems to be a tradition here, when coming to a dinner party (which of course in the end turns into a regular Friday night house party) you see guests bringing their own cooked meal. And it’s fear, yummy and simply friendly. So this would be healthy salads, nice fresh breads, fish, fruits, cheese, vegetables (even fresh carrots!) and most likely olives. People even travel with soup on the metro! Living in Denmark|Copenhagen i saw(maybe you saw differently) an opposite picture. The host cooks nothing, even if he she is a birthday child, the guests bring nothing, but the booze for themselves. This territory feels rather sharp, once taking somebody’s beer from a refrigerator makes you feel like a thief. Danes are territory oriented, it is very hard to step in to their private spaces, especially if you’re a foreigner. Danes won’t share their food and drinks with anyone. And this is normal, this does not make them greedy, this is a part of Scandinavian mentality.

Back to germinated bean sprouts:

Prevent Cancer
Nevertheless, benefits bean sprouts is not only contributing fertility,it also evident in research contains a substance that can crippling source of cancer, colon, pancreatic and leukemia.

According to research conducted,bean sprouts whether from type green beans, alfalfa and others contains many element beneficial phytochemicals.One is kanavanin that is a kind of amino acid. Kanavanin, alleged be able cripple source of cancer leukemia, colon and pancreas.

Good For Women
In addition, bean sprouts also have natural estrogen that function like estrogen synthesis.

Estrogen in bean sprouts can increase bone density and structure, and prevent bone loss (osteoporosis).Intake bean sprouts regularly by women can help them avoid from breast cancer,menstrual disorders, pre-menopausal symptoms, and disorders due to menopause.

With the English it is a different picture: they have no problem with sharing. But at home you will see a take away pizza, at work – this a home made sandwich carefully wrapped in plastic. This picture does not change from day to day. I could count on fingers those who eat a banana or apple during the lunch. They are too bread oriented, in a bad way.

English Mcdonalds was a daytime nightmare for me…I FEAR MCDANALDS. Ketchup and mayonnaise were always on the floor, big mammas were feeding their kids with pure oil, while eating not less fat themselves.

English cannot be proud of their traditional food, roasted dinner is most acceptable. Once again simple to bits. Meat in the oven, and boilt vegetables.. English do not spend time on complicated recipes, even in London, paying £17 for a dish you see fries, a piece of chicken, ketchup, and the only thing which looks a bit more creative – is a salad with NUTS! Oh, nuts! that’s healthy! But how can one be proud of chips and fish? 

My English manager was calling me rabbit because of the food I was eating. It is funny, but they really refuse the green stuff. They eat super unhealthy, their food is tasteless and even butcher’s sausages are disappointing.

The English will never agree on that, and only a few will…

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As about Latvians, they simple do not have food. Not literally, but the general income in the country is so low, that even main accountants start leaving for social care work in Germany. People cook at home much more often than they can afford to eat outside.

It also feels likere there will never be peace in Latvia, and there will never be ONE nation. Sad faces, homophobia, anger, hate, distopia – this is what I see when I  come home… But i miss the food. We have stolen a lot of dishes from Germany and Russia. So, our kitchen is rather rich. We eat everything from German solyanka soup to tongue salads and hearts. Latvian traditional food is black beans cooked with onions and rather fat meat pieces, also ribs and Sauerkraut, which has also been taken from Germans. I guess we can be proud with our great variety of pancakes, there are several places where you could go and eat all kind of pancakes, with all kind of fillings. But we are terrible with pizzas and kebabs, this is something we still can not cook properly.

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