Freak show for outsiders


War is Menstrual Envy. Nick Zedd.

After attending 8th Directors Lounge film festival, I have managed to get attached to it so much, that I already miss the weird animal trailer and the funny poodle dog poster, and the team and the film selection and even the room for screenings itself. This festival has a truly good aura; entirely dedicated to film directors – mostly unknown, underestimated, underground or simply weird or even too brave to hide their mental ideas.

It is a paradise for smokers: – watch a film, enjoy your Berliner Pilsner and smoke a cigarette or a joint. I must admit that that vegetable soup made my barnman felt better than any kebab at that time of night.

And it is time for party! it does not metter that it is not Friday yet, it is time for party.

Strange music selection along with the films felt almost like a freak show for outsiders. As a film director you see your world being screened by others, as an audience you feel engaged with this world, and as a representer you feel honored to show this world. 

I felt like a part of this freak show, and it felt good to be an outcast. Free from prejudice, moral laws and social incompatibility. I suddenly understood what i have to film next.

The films which evoke emotions, are the real films. Out of all films only 1% left me indifferent. Great selection from silent movies to contemporary psychedelic art, visual pressure on my eyes. Again it felt good…

Andre Werner is THE man. This is the attitude he has to whole festival, what makes it so magic!

The closing night was the most special to me. At 6pm Sunday night DL has screened:

William S. Burroughs: A Man Within

William S. Burroughs.

william s burroughs

Without being born in 60s or 70s it is rather hard to realise the importance of this figure. However, it is impossible not to know about him… He has made so many beginnings for so many roads, and said so many phrases which became golden key words for the 20th century. He was the figure to admire, to fear, to love and be near by! There are so many stories to tell about him! It is not easy to put such a long and bright life into 90 minutes of footage identifying the main characteristics of Burroughs’ entity. Dry sense of humor, lsd-6, heavy metal, shooting guns not heroin, soft machine, cats and naked lunch – this is William in a few words.

“love is the most natural painkiller what there is.”

Yony Leyser is a twenty-five-year-old filmmaker from Chicago, Illinois, and currently living in Berlin.

Yony Leyser. All rights reserved by Katja Avant Hard

Special guest after special guest. What a collection of inspiration! The man from the picture. 1 to 1.

Nick Zedd is dead. 

This is something what should be included in art film studies.

Nick Zedd

The year was 1984, and it was obvious that the world was nearing its end. New York City had become a devastating landscape. The crime rate was at an all time high, and thousands of brain dead zombies in business suits wandered the streets of the Financial District, deeming Wall Street a danger zone.

While the evil tyrants of the Hollywood Kingdom continued to brainwash society and sabotage cinema with the help of their robotic army fronted by Andrew McCarthy and Molly Ringwald, cinematic outcasts Nick Zedd, Richard Kern, and Lydia Lunch decided to fight back by assaulting the enemies with such underground features as They Eat Scum, Whoregasm, and Thrust in Me.

The Cinematic Terrorists, headed by Zedd took no prisoners, and soon, the “Cinema of Transgression” had been declared. The war was on, and their film screenings would constantly be interrupted by violent outbursts, blackouts and even mini-riots.

To put it lightly, Nick Zedd is a pioneer. Not only did he reinvent the world of underground cinema, but helped to inspire an entire generation of courageous filmmakers who’ve decided to stand up against those evil, money hungry tyrants of Hollywood land.

In fact, to claim that John Water’s film “Cecil B. Demented” is actually based on Zedd and his career would not be to far from the truth. Zedd has been considered a cinema terrorist, and though his work has received critical acclaim, continues to be banned throughout the U.S. Nick Zedd has cemented his place upon the top of the list of American Cinema’s Most Wanted.

This is the cinema that later became TRASH CINEMA, however Zedd remained the same…within his transgression. And this is so special about him.

CFS – Have you ever gotten to the bottom of the Quentin Tarantino thing? Is he a fan of yours? What is “Zedd is Dead” all about? (Within Tarantino’s film “Pulp Fiction”, the line ‘Zedd is Dead’ is spoken throughout)

NZ – Once I followed him into the men’s room in a bar, introduced myself and asked him if the comment was directed at me and if so why. He said “No, but it could have been,” and told me he was a fan of my stuff. We were both drunk. At this point in the conversation he was pissing into a toilet and it seemed gay to be talking to him so I left.
Maybe I’ll have someone say “Tarantino is Dead” in my next movie.

Nick Zedd. All rights reserved by Katja Avant Hard

“Nick Zedd makes violent, perverted art films from Hell- he’s my kind of director!” John Waters

All about THAT cinema:
Blank City Official Trailer

Of course this was not all, it was time to party..

With DJ Grammophon and his vintage turntable, being operated by white gloves..

DJ Grammophon. All rights reserved by Katja Avant Hard

HUGE thank you to everyone who made this festival possible. Long live Directors Lounge!


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