poor’n’sexy NYC

Thursday night at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, right in Mitte, there was a chance to anyone to see a flamboyant and spectacular no-wave persona Lydia Lunch. For free.

She walks in all in black, and it feels as if she never ever wore any other colour in her life, with a large shiny red bag, defiantly puts it on a chair, takes a sip of white wine and says:

“Phones off”

She read a few pieces from her auto-biographical books, which were very intense, dark, stinky and funny at the same time. She knows how to act, still remaining herself…. She said about her outfit that

“it is all fake”.

From childish voice you can hear in 70s and 80s recordings it turned into dry and witchy. You can listen to it on the recording called Big Sexy Noise, 2010.

She felt honest, melodramatic and hyperbolic, indeed. In one hour and a half you could get a clear image of NYC in 80s. You have not missed much, just too much sex, too much drugs, and too much rock’n’roll.

“Your love don’t pay my rent”. L. Lynch

Lydia Lunch moved to New York City from Rochester at the age of 13 in 1973 with what she described having nothing but “a small red suitcase, a winter coat, and a big fucking attitude.”

“A life like Lunch’s would have, and probably has, killed a lesser person. Her parents were both alcoholics. As a teen Lunch was sexually abused by her father, and other men as well. Her mother, an ex-beauty queen “fading fast,” was intensely jealous of the young and pretty Lydia. She took her jealousy out on her daughter in physical and emotional violence.

As a teen, Lunch ran away from home and became a hustler/squatter in New York City. She quickly became one of the driving forces behind the nihilistic no wavemovement; Lunch headed Teenage Jesus and the Jerks and collaborated with underground personalities like James Chance and Richard Kern.”– http://www.enjoy-your-style.com/

“…he’d walk in and it would come with him. That sweet sexy stink of dirty jeans and pointy boots. The stink of an animal skin slowly rotting. The smell of countless cartons of cigarettes smoked non-stop and washed down with endless beer. Throw in a couple of dozen hamburgers, a hang-over for every day of the week, impersonal health and hygiene, the heart of the homewrecker and there he was…The boy of my dreams…” – Will Work for Drugs

Lydia Lunch and Nick Cave

Lydia Lunch Discography:




Lydia on:


Have a great life as the ultimate rebellion.


Pain is the great educator.



Personally, I am very happy. The world is miserable. But that’s the world’s problem.

I want to burn with passion, not with regret.

I’m always trying to find a new method to house the insanity that I am afflicted with, which is called modern reality. I’m allergic to this life but I love it.


My entire fucking career hasn’t cost as much as it takes the Red Hot Chili Peppers to rehearse for one album!

I’m successful because I can do anything I want, with everyone I want, when I want. I can support myself as an artist because I don’t have a ridiculous lifestyle, and I don’t like expensive things or drugs. Therefore I’m the most successful living artist I know.

Unmitigated ambition. A pillaging and plundering of every last cultural icon. Pop Pornography as spectacle. Robotic hypnosis. Immense amounts of money spent to make immense amounts of more money. The most insulting aspect of Gaga, Beyonce, Kylie Minogue, Madonna…is the fraud under the extreme exhibitionism. They’re all selling SEX (showing us everything, telling us NOTHING) but none of them are having much of it. At least Gaga admits she’s celibate. It’s still ridiculous and creepy. FuckLady Gaga. I’m coming out as LADY GAZA, Bitch.
––answering the question “why is the culture so drawn to these overblown inhabitants [Gaga, Madonna etc.] of the fashion simulacrum?”

She was the one who has staretd the spoken word:


Exhibition in KW, Berlin, is running now: You killed me First.

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