Scandinavian öldurnar

Northzone is a new film & music festival in Berlin happening these days from 4/04/12 to 8/04/12, and is dedicated to our neighbors: Finland, Sweden and Iceland. 

It represents new music comers and also recently made films. Friday was an opening night for the film screenings, and I had a pleasure to see “Behind Blue Skies” based on a true story.

Summer of 1975. Martin has just graduated from high school and leaves city for a summer job at the exclusive yacht club restaurant in Stockholm’s archipelago, leaving behind him an alcoholic father and a suffering mom. A whole new world: Martin meets the love of his life and is taken under the wing of the yacht club restaurant’s boss, a playboy in the center of Swedish society. But hiding behind the glamorous facade is a much darker reality. Before Martin understands he finds himself in the middle of one of the greatest scandals in Swedish criminal history.

Right after I went to a smaller room for “METROPIA”, dark and creepy 3D Sci-Fi. It is typically rusty and mysterious background of the cities we know, but this is the future where all Europe is connected with a giant metro system. This film is great only because it is actually an animation, if these were real actors, I would have called it Hollywood blockbuster and would have stayed truly sceptical about the whole thing…But these bigheads kept my attention, and the plot in the end of the day, was that bad..

Film noir Sci-Fi drama Metropia takes place in a not-so-distant future. The world is running out of oil and the underground train systems have been connected into a gigantic subway network beneath Europe. Whenever Roger from Stockholm enters this system he hears a stranger’s voice in his head. He looks to the mysterious Nina to help him escape the disturbing web of the Metro, but the further they travel, the deeper he’s involved in a dark conspiracy. Characters of the featurelength animation feature are spoken by Vincent Gallo, Juliette Lewis and Udo Kier.

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There are many more films to see tonight:

“INNI” by Sigur Ros. I am looking forward to this one tonight, by the look of the trailer we can see it is complitely different from Heima, which makes me think it should not be repetitive in any sense. I would almost say the trailer is very avant garde, hope the whole documentary is that imaginative too!

And later in the evening there is another film “KIng’s Road” which looks like a typical Scandinavian film, weird in its on way. This mood you can not experience in any other country movies. There is always a strong feel of isolation, alienation which we all know from our own lives, but we ignore it ruthlessly…When Sweds and Icelandic people seem to concentrate on this particular topic.

With a mellow icelandic sountrack by local heroes as Lay Low and Sugar Cubes, staring Daniel Bruehl takes place in the story a rundown trailer park in Iceland. After three years abroad junior returns to Iceland with his set of problems hoping that his father can sort them out but his homecoming is not quite what he had expected. “Nothing’s so bad that it can not get worse,” opines one of the icelandic trailer-park habitues in “King’s Road,” a tale on where and how corrupt bankers might end up as a result of the worldwide financial crisis.

More music info and films for today and tomorrow, please find here:


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