F.U.C. bar

Image by Palmou


is a very colourful district of Berlin, full of street art and squats (house projects as they call them now), as well as designer shops, second hand places and just cool shops for trendy items . Almost every Monday in the F.U.C. bar there is a small event called Messy Monday organsied by George Ironside, and it means what it means.

A small cosy bar with stuffed animals is open on Mondays to have fun until 3am. Every Monday there is an artist to put his work out for the whole week and a DJ to rock the stage. Last night Alfa Centauri was playing atmospheric witch house tunes well mixed with some hip hop. It is a friendly place to be, feels almost like local bar for friends and friends’ friends.

What is amazing that at 3:30am leaving the bar you can go to the bakery one house down and have a nice freshly baked bretzel with melting cheese. Then get on the S-Bahn train, which starts running around the same time as the bakery opens and you avoid all this cab-shit I always hated…

Imaged taken from: http://www.ixoracakes.com/

Image taken from: http://blogs.taz.de/

All rights reserved by Katja Avant Hard



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