The Mars Volta in Berlin

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The Mars Volta live in Berlin

July 5th

Huxleys Neue Welt

Hasenheide 107-113
10967 Berlin
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Tel: +49-(0)30-780 99 871

This venue is located right next to EDEKA, where if the shows kicks off before 10pm, people will be still getting their bread and wurst…sensing shaking of the walls.

I am sure The Mars Volta is the great Mayans’ offsprings, the great tribe could not disappear without passing the big thought to one of the generations…

On the spiritual and intelectual level The Mars Volta are above many of us! Mental Mexicans! Cedric Bixler Zavala conundrum is impossible to crack! He has invented his own words, so the dictionary is necessary in order to get at least a slight idea what he is trying to say through the endless metaphors.

Someone has tried to understand the style of his writing; have a look:

So, new album Noctourniquet is out and here is the meaning:

And his stage dance is the weirest dance ever! The whole thing just blows your mind..


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