Erster Mai in Kreuzberg

Image by `coxi

Some people consider the 1st of May to be the most exciting day in Berlin. International Worker’s day is the day free of work, it is the day for protests, parades and demonstations. It is both fun and dangerous. It is a big feast with DJs and bands, it is a bottle paradise for collectors and it is simply fucking busy Kreuzberg.

Yesterday Berlin was celebrating the liberation of Neukoelln in 1945 at Hermannstr. all the way down to Hermannplatz, with music, monologues and free drinks. And so the party continues until the Mayday comes.

Image by Crazy Ivory

Every year Berliners gather at Kotti around 12 and make a revolution happen.

This Year will not be different.

There will be stage Luzia (a nice bar by the way) which starts at 13:00 on Oranienstr. 34 with food, drinks and music.


Of course, this is also a massive techno/electro party in Görlitzer Park, and since it is going to be sunny and +24 on May 1st, this means there will be no free spot before the sun goes down!

Atari Teenage Riot!

Get the info here  about the 2012 plans:

And there is a blog for you to follow and get updated:

This is going to be my 1st Mayday in Berlin…

And there is also Analogik ( Danish Gypsy-tronica) performing at Fuchs und Elster!!!! Not sure about the ticket price though.

For a global social revolution!
May 1st- 6 PM- Lausitzer Platz, Berlin-Kreuzberg

A coalition of anti-capitalist and radical left groups calls for the revolutionary Mayday demonstration on the international day of struggle by the working class in the boroughs of Kreuzberg and Mitte. For 25 years this day symbolises a radical objection and a confrontive criticism of state’s power in Berlin Kreuzberg. Despite police terror and baiting by the media thousands of people gather on Mayday every year to demand an existance beyond capitalism. Militant confrontations with police have been occurring regulary in the past.

The Mayday demonstration 2012 starts at Lausitzer Platz in Berlin-Kreuzberg. This was the site where the tradition of revolutionary Mayday demonstrations in Berlin startetd in 1987, when police attacked an alternative street party and provoked riots. At 6pm there will be concert with several bands and political statements. After that thousands of people from different movements and countries will march from Kreuzberg to Mitte.


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