Berliners make the bridge bounce

Image taken from

Modersohnbrücke is located between the two big S-bahn stations: Warschauer str. and Ostkreuz. It is a nice bridge for sunsets, with a beautiful view on passing by trains.

Once a year Berliners organise a dance party right on the bridge, with music, confeti and a lot of beer. The greatest part is that when so many people dance, the bridge bounces!! Up and down! And it felt as if you were on a ship in the sea. And the passing underneath s-bahn was happy enough to beep at us, and the crowd went “woooo”. At one point somebody managed to get on the top of the bridge and walk along the metal beams!

“It gets extreme when you get with me you know what I mean”

Amazing electronic tunes and the pink sky last night was a peaceful Sunday evening and everyone was singing along “And the sun goes down”.… A true experience with the moving bridge could never happen in my beautiful Riga or rushy London (Copenhagen could do it) just because these two cities are not ready for parties like this and for different reasons.

Of course even here the police controls everything and at 22:30 shortly after a hot tune “I’m hungry for the power” the cops move us down the bridge to Friedrichshain.

Image by Julia Mari Bernaus

Image by By 5 Minutes Away

Image taken from

And that’s the only ok older video I found which shows how it all looks like:


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