1h queue = Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebab

It is not a secret to anyone, that Berlin has a large Turkish population, which is mainly based in Neokoelln, and their traditional food is widely available in different parts of the city. Turks work all night, when the rest of the food places are usually closed after 1am. What can be better at 3 o’clock in the morning, or 5  when you feet hurt, the head spins and the only thing you want – is to kill the hunger before you go to sleep? Kebab – is the answer. The price varies from €1,49 to €3,50. Of course, the cheaper the kebab the worse it is, greasy, small, vegetables from yesterday and without any love. At night time you might not care and feel the difference…. But if you want to try the best kebab in town – Mustafa’s tiny white carriage is the place to go…

It took me 8 months to find out that there is officially the best place for kebab. You can see the queque from a distance at Mehringdamm 32. Mustafa is so tasty, that people from all over the city come here and wait sometimes for an hour to get a kebab( which turns it into some kind of ritual; you can also grab a beer from one of the stores along the street and chat away with your friends). Three men all in white work non-stop all day. Fresh crispy bread, great meat, juicy vegetables, a bit of lemon and feta cheese on the top and you can enjoy! It is €2,90, which also does not make it the most expensive in town.

They have a website, which is incredibly fun to go to: http://mustafas.de/ . It is super interactive, like a little game. And check the live stream too 😉

Maybe it is a “Kebap”, but apparently with “b” it is also correct..


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