Sommer in Berlin

Summer in Berlin brings a festival every week. Sunny weather and green grass in Berlin means being outside 24/7 enjoying nice food and beer. But being a cultural centre point, of course it means with a combination of good atmosphere. For this reason Berliners love to party as much as possible catching the sun. Only in summer Berlin is fully alive: the inhabitants move around and never seem to stop.

This week we are experiencing 3 festivals (or maybe even more?):

Under the slogan »Equal Rights for the Unequal«, Berlin´s Rainbow Fund will present its 20th annual Lesbian and Gay Festival – Europe’s largest. As usual, it´s being held in the traditional gay stomping ground around Nollendorfplatz in Schöneberg. 

The festival will take place in the area bounded by Motzstrasse, Eisenacher Strasse, Fuggerstrasse and Kalckreuthstrasse, spreading over 20,000 square meters, and featuring the Worlds of Sports, Radio, Travel, Film, AIDS and Politics, as well as other exhibits from a wide range of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender groups.

It offers a very rich programme, so make sure you find your favourite spots!

Berlin, Ich liebe dich! Image taken from:

Image taken from:


It used to be the largest airport in Europe. Located in the heart of Neukoelln, now is the place for joggers, sun bathers, gardeners and beer enjoyers. All rights reserved by Katja Avant-Hard

Berlin offers so many events during the summer that it gets easier to miss them rather than attend them. The amount of posters and flyers around the city and bars is a never-ending chain of letters and images, and normally you do not even look at them unless you’re stuck on the crosslight or in the queue for the toilet. It is a hopeless attempt to plunder your brain; it is  time-wasted marketing. Only Facebook event invitations or private e-mail listings seem to work these days.

For example, on Tuesday there was a gallery opening by Amanda Fucking Palmer (tickets were sold out, so I had no chance to squeeze in), who was representing the 30 artists work for her new album. The lady undressed for the audience to draw on her. I hope she stays there standing as a piece of art for the rest of the exhibition (which ends tomorrow at 8pm). However, if not a Facebook event, I would have missed the exhibition completely.. I do not doubt I missed another 10, but oh well…

During the last  month 7th Berlin Biennale been taking a place all over the city. The Berlin Biennale is the forum for contemporary art in one of the most attractive art centers worldwide. All in all one big Festival.

There is one extremely friendly Festival in July (16. 07) called – All Nations Festival.  Berlin’s annual All Nations Festival gives visitors the chance to see inside foreign embassies across the German capital. Usually inaccessible to the general public, the embassies can be toured by buying a festival “passport” in advance. The “passport” is stamped at each embassy as proof of visit. Around 30 embassies open their doors, allowing visitors to watch films and sample typical national cuisine.

A few countries in Europe celebrate the longest day of the year, which officially comes ont the 20th of June. Germany seems not to be aware of it, however Berlin being so international does celebrate it in separate parts of the city. Görlitzer park and Tempelhof for example. – join us for the sunset!


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