the L♡VE is back

The Love Parade has been called the world’s largest electro dance party and it’s back in Berlin! It started in West Berlin in 1989 just four months before the Berlin Wall collapsed as a demonstration for peace, tolerance and understanding through love and music.

It started on the first July weekend
participants: 150
Location: Berlin
route: Kurfürstendamm
motto: peace, joy and pancakes
cars: 1

The Love Parade in 1991 was considered the first nationwide meeting of the various national techno scenes. First scene activists traveled from various cities to Berlin to present their regional techno-culture, whereby first a nation-wide networks and exchange of young techno culture came about.

Internationally, similar Love Parades have taken place in Zurich, San Francisco, Mexico City, Acapulco, Vienna, Cape Town, Tel Aviv, Sydney, Santiago, Rio de Janeiro, Oslo and Budapest. Loveparade took a place in Berlin until 2006, then it was moved to other different locations. In 2010 19 people were stepped to death and 342 others were injured.

The Love Parade usually started about 2pm, going on to the evening and then splitting into innumerable afterparties at night as the whole city was transformed into a vast club. At its peak the Parade featured fifty gigantic trucks where up to 250 DJs would blast out house and techno to the expectant revellers. Two common tactics for enjoying the day were to either walk beside a certain truck that you liked the sound of, or to stay still and soak up the different vibes of each van and its followers.

The Love Parade is a symbol for fundamental self expression and in this event people are free to do just about anything they want to- sitting and dancing on streetlamps, trees, commercial signs and telephone booths. Hence, the Parade is often referred to as ”the greatest amateur circus on earth”. People travel from neighbouring countries to take part in the freaky Love Parade and have a crazy time being all by themselves!

Image taken from:

Image taken from:

With 1,6 million attendees it is hard to control anything, but the festival is about dance not about death. Coming back to Berlin this year, the festival is especially waited, hopefully it only sees : love and dance. Art makes love, love makes Berlin.

LOVEPARADE 21. July, 2012

Info is taken from Los Angeles Times and Telegraph


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