The Mars Volta ecstasy

All rights reserved by Christian Faustus

Tonight the body and soul got filled in with love and ecstasy watching these vehement Spanish enthusiasts for the 4th time. Almost every time I see them in a different country, this time – Berlin, Huxleys Neue Welt.

I have blanked the support band completely. Even though Omar was on bass there, riot girrrl did not entertain me much. Usually it is enough with their own energy to warm up the audience quickly. Maybe the reason is that “Noctourniquet” is much more serene than previous albums.

When both microphones are cleaned with Listerine and the tea can is boiling – the show can start. Cedric is back in good shape, and his hair is nice and curly again. Everything is right, let’s see what happens on stage.

It was magic wrapped in utopian flesh and time. The sound was clean, even in front and  there was no big necessity for earplugs.  The new songs were mostly slow and improvised. Volta was slowly entering the audience into the cosmic trance, dragging every note while the thunderstorm was flashing behind the dark windows. Cedric did his famous hot dance: moving the mic stand balancing on his leg, and later hanging on it resting his head on one of his arms in tight black shirt; and even more he was biting himself. I felt sexually empowered and drowned in to the sea of never-ending beautiful sounds. I fucking dare to say that this album sounds better live than on recording, slow and sexual, it is a sea of pleasure where I was sinking. Cedric’s voice sounded better than ever! Paralyzing. I enjoyed fucking everything apart from the guy behind me rubbing his dick against my ass. He has successfully adopted Cedric manier of dancing.

Once The Mars Volta leaves the stage, they never come back. But we tried hard. It was raining outside and everything seemed to be perfect. I was trembling from excitement.


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