Don’t you wanna be sometimes a dog in Berlin?

The fact is in Berlin dogs  are citizens as much as people themselves. They don’t wear a muzzle, they shit where they want, they go on bahns and to the public places… They get paid too! Dogs are respected and loved to a very high extend.

When you first come to Berlin, you notice how many dogs there are right away. Vagabondages, who collect bottles always have a dog, punks have a dog (oh no they have 3!), baggers in the metro have a dog, families and couples have a dog too, and most of the time it is a big dog, not a little funny pocket thing which ladies in pink and gold tend to have. Of course they are dogs too, but normally (in my personal experience living in different countries) people are scared of big dogs, and try to stay on a distance. Strangely enough, but dogs here are very relaxed, calm and mostly never bark. I am scared of dogs, but here I stopped! 

Dogs come to parties, such as gallery openings, performances, house warming ups etc. They come to work too! How nice is it not to leave your dog at home, alone for the whole day, but take it to work and let  run around, so it does not feel lonely!

I also noticed that you can leave your dog outside of the shop without a leash, the dog will stay where you left it! And will patiently wait for you! They also have NO problem running along with the owner-cyclist.

Dogs are warmly loved and respected here, and you can get a dog too, for free.

Dog selling newspaper in the u-bahn. Image taken from:


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