Drink beer with Nick Zedd in Berlin

Image taken from: Love Spasm Facebook page

What New York was like in 70s and 80s you will never see again, but maybe that was the reason why so many underground artists from that period were recording their activity on film. But then I might say what New York was back then Berlin is now.

Nick ZeddKembra PfahlerCasandra StarkBeth BTommy Turner,Richard Kern and Lydia Lunch were creating low budget films using cheap 8mm cameras.  In 1985 Nick Zedd has coined a term

Cinema of Transgression

to describe a loose-knit group of like-minded filmmakers and artists using shock value and black humor in their work.

“We openly renounce and reject the entrenched academic snobbery which erected a monument 
to laziness known as Structuralism and proceeded to lock out those filmmakers who possesed the vision to see through this charade.”

Nick Zedd Cinema of Transgression Manifesto

red full text HERE

Nick Zedd is the person who doesn’t get old, but his films. That’s why it’s time to make a new cutting edge drama within 2 months in Berlin.

Nick Zedd seeks funding. Big time.

If the  PLEDGE is $10,000 OR MORE you will receive a call from Nick Zedd, his original painting, DVD, a credit of course and the most important you will drink a beer in Berlin’s bar with the director and cast. 

ANY amount is welcome!

Please donate


by Friday Oct 19

Tantalus, oil painting by Nick Zedd.

Kenneth Anger & Nick Zedd, 2012


The themes of this movie are love, sexual freedom, loyalty, human insecurity and the strategies people employ to survive and maintain relationships within the unnatural constraints imposed upon them by the economic pressures of capitalism, landlordism and a shrinking work force.

More info about the project read HERE


And see you in Spring in cinema


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