Latvian Progressive Rock bands in Køpi

TESA. Latvian band. Image taken from:

Last time I saw TESA and Soundarcade was in Riga 2007. I filmed both of them in two different venues.  I have not kept a track on them since that time, but I still respect the guys and it will be very interesting to see them November 17th in Køpi squat. 

Both bands must have changed since the last time I saw them, especially Soundarcade seemed to go more post-rock now. I remember them like this (filmed 2007 in Latvian Academy of Art, Masquerade party):

They have recorded an amazing video clip a few years ago, it is definitely worth a watch:

The singer does have a very strong Latvian accent, it does get disturbing at times, but they are no doubt one of the most respected bands in Latvia.

However my personally favorite was always TESA. Don’t wanna give any description, just watch it!

Here is another old, but wonderful footage. It is in fact the most watched video on my YouTube profile:

Join me in Køpi, November the 17th!


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