Mono doesn’t need orchestra


Mono: Berlin, Babylon 11/11/12

Babylon is an old theatre in Berlin city center. It was only my 2nd sedentary concert in life. Mono played there on a small stage covered with the red carpet and in addition with the red light it just burned.

The merch guy was away for the whole hour before the show, and desperate fans were buzzing around the table looking at several vinyls and t-shirts. Later I have concluded people DO buy vinyl more than CDs.

Mono is a Japanese tornado which threw me in the river full of Sakura flowers. I was floating in the water catching the waves…

They were so beautiful, the words can not describe. These fragile bodies all in black made me fell in love.  They have filled the entire venue with the brightest sounds of splendor. The first notes almost made my eyes wet, then I was smiling the entire concert.

The both guitar players were sitting on chairs, with the bass player standing in the middle, and the one from the right was absolutely enjoying himself, maniacally moving his head covering the face with the dark silky hair. He’d throw a chair all of sudden and start shaking his guitar then would take it upside down and holding it with the fretboard against the floor make it roar. Then he’d simply get lost among his pedals…

Not sure what is the name for the metal round “japanese plate” behind the drummer, but it was truly a magic sound. Only used in a couple of songs. It was like a sacrifice ritual. They could have taken me, I wouldn’t mind.

The last song they played was the only one i did not recognize. It had a long piano intro while the drummer  lied on his drumset  with the face down holding his hands together as if he was praying…We were warmly thankful to each other for a marvellous show. And even though the audience had to sit it did stand up in the end to clap and to scream for the encore.

Mono is a classical masterpiece with drums. A pure musical orgasm. Mono can do it without orchestra!

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