Alejandro Jodorowsky in Berlin: Transmediale 2013

Alejandro Jodorowsky Alejandro Jodorowsky’s ‘Holy Mountain’

For the last two weeks I have been actively ignoring Transmediale newsletter bombing. It’s still 2 months before Transmediale 2013 starts. But yesterday on Facebook a familiar picture attracted my attention. The Holy Mountain by Alejandro Jodorowsky.

on Feb 2nd, 2013, Transmediale Festival will host an evening with legendary author, filmmaker, comic writer, and esoteric: 
Alejandro Jodorowsky

See his Holy Mountain film trailer:

Born to Jewish Ukrainian parents in Chile, Jodorowsky experienced an unhappy and alienated childhood, and so immersed himself in reading and writing poetry. Dropping out of college, he became involved in theater and in particular mime, working as a clown before founding his own theater troupe, the Teatro Mimico, in 1947. Moving to Paris in the early 1950s, Jodorowsky studied mime underEtienne Decroux before turning to cinema, directing the short film Les têtes interverties in 1957. From 1960 he divided his time between Paris and Mexico City, in the former becoming a founding member of the anarchistic avant-garde Panic Movement of performance artists.

He has also written books and regularly lectures on his own spiritual system, which he calls “psychomagic” and “psychoshamanism” and which borrows from his interests in alchemy, the tarotZen Buddhism and shamanism.


1957 La Cravate
1965 Les têtes interverties
1968 Fando y Lis Spanish
1970 El Topo Spanish
1973 The Holy Mountain English
1978 Tusk English / French
1989 Santa Sangre English / Spanish
1990 The Rainbow Thief English
TBA The Dance of Reality
TBA Abel Cain or The Sons of El Topo

Another interesting person which caught my eye is: Felix Kubin. He is coming with a Boris Hegenbart’s project Instrumentarium II

Felix Kubin

one half of the Hamburg based futuristic noise band Klangkrieg, lives and works against the rest of the world. His activities comprise Sci-Fi Pop/Noise/animation films/radio plays/experimental broadcasting. As the messenger of exploding lungs he started his label “Gagarin Records” in 1998 and rules the “syndicate of counter-noise” since 9.9.1999.

Kubin regularly collaborates on theatric and animation productions, writes radio plays and is a self-described dadaist. His musical influences include contemporary classics such as Karlheinz Stockhausen and György Ligeti, as well as groups such as Kraftwerk andDAF.

He is a little bit Krafwerky, but more verbose, weird and imaginative.

Boris Hegenbart

In his electroacoustic compositions, Hegenbart combines the aesthetics of 1950’s musique concrete with our day’s digital technologies of music production and sound synthesis, without being restricted by the contemporary software’s limitations. For him, this software, as well as music samples and the sounds of his everyday life, become material to be molded according to his artistic intentions. This way Hegenbart creates the delicate and complex soundscapes, he is well known for.


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