Bowie’s Love Letter to Berlin

Today is David Bowie’s 66th birthday! Even though it feels like his special 50th birthday celebration at Madison Square Garden was only 5-7 years ago!

And today he has released the 1st single in a decade which is called “Where are we now?” and it is a dedication to Berlin; nostalgic wandering through the streets of the city. It’s a simple, but thoughtful piece, and I find the puppets pretty disturbing, they seem to be tied to the past. They don’t move – they cannot run away from the memories. Divided Berlin, drugged kids at the Zoo station, underground scene in Kreuzberg…

But it was a productive time.

Bowie lived in Berlin between 1976 and 1979, creating his “Berlin Trilogy” of albums “Low,” Heroes,” and “Lodger” in that period. (DW, 2013)

Happy birthday, David Bowie; we are happy you had many valuable moments in Berlin in the 70s and now you’re sharing those with us!

P.S. Is the lady next to him Yoko Ono’s mum?

Image taken from:

The Man Who Fell To Earth. Image taken from:


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