New Kunsthalle causes art madness in Berlin

"Alone with you". All rights reserved by Katja Avant-Hard

“Alone with you”. All rights reserved by Katja Avant-Hard

I remember my teenage years in Riga, when we were queuing from 6am to see a favorite band’s concert at Arena Riga. It was young sonic madness, which can be understood only by music lovers. And it’s been a while since I’ve done it. But today Berlin has experiences a hell long queque to a new art space –  DB’s Kunsthalle. Last Year’s Deutsche Guggenheim closure was a big loss for Berlin, but this week’s announcement caused a lot buzz among all art lovers.

Deutsche Bank, who’s the sponsor, said they will accept ANY hanging art work from ANY artist between 5th and 7th of April, and will allow to put it on the walls until there is no space left. Me and my friend decided to participated with our paintings and collages, but faced a queque, which started to grow at 4am and is there still now. It was naive to believe that the news would not spread like a virus across the city, and there will be no hustle.

So, the opening of the exhibition is right on Monday, April the 8th, noon time, and will last only for 24hours. Make sure you are there, even if you are not in the queue right now, and see art madness of all kind of styles and expressions.

But the story does not end here. All works will be anonymous and will be given a number. As there will be  a competition, and a few prices. The main price is €500. Three other lucky artists selected by a curatorial team will have their own two-week solo exhibition at the Kunsthalle at the end of 2013.

What else a Berlin artist can wish for?

Art Parasites: Deutsche Bank's Friedrich Hütte reveals that those not able to fit in this morning at the Kunsthalle will be shown in special exhibition during gallery weekend.

Art Parasites: Deutsche Bank’s Friedrich Hütte reveals that those not able to fit in this morning at the Kunsthalle will be shown in special exhibition during gallery weekend.

  1. Well, artists kissing the ass of Deutsche Bank (which is doing business with food speculation, for example), while being exploited by it and whose names aren’t even mentioned – that’s simply disgusting. What else will you do, when an item on your CV is more important than keeping character?
    This even gets topped by the name of this campaign: “Macht Kunst”, which can be translated as “make art” (“Macht” being an imperative) , but also as “power art” (“Macht” being a noun). In the latter case, the logo of the campaign can be read as “power over art”:

    • Thanks for the comment. It is a good point, and I see what you mean.
      Quite frankly, we did not kiss anybody’s ass in the end. My friend, who I passed my work to, saw the line and left immediately.
      I did see the positive sides though; maybe in a smaller city under a different name, this would have been a great idea?

      • Thanks for your reply. To me it looks like ass-kissing because it’s quite an effort to get up early in the morning and wait for several hours in the cold.
        There are positive sides, of course. But at the price of promoting the Deutsche Bank (and its dirty business practices). Everyone may choose what’s more important to him or her, but when entering the exhibition, they shouldn’t criticize greedy bankers any more, for example.

      • I understand. I never was friends with any of the bank systems, but this time I ignored the fact it was organised by the bank and I never went that far to think what this would make my CV look like.
        I was more excited about the “first come first serve” idea and the short exhibition option.
        Oh, well, my work is not there, it is on my own wall.

  2. Isra said:

    Pretty cool post. About the “ass-kissing” thing-y of the above appearing comments… please. That “too cool for school” attitude is so wrong (and so 90s, btw). Don’t know much about art, but I guess that it’s about expressing yourself. And expressions worth nothing if you try to keep them up from people. Also, one actually should be thankful of this DB initiative, of putting their money (and getting nothing on return or profit) to support the local scene. Cheers & keep up the blogging.

    • Thank you for the kind comment.
      I wish I had time to queue there, I doubt I’d regret having my art work there for 24 hours. In the end of the day my special relationship with banks in general has nothing to do with their art space.

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