Too Drunk to Watch: Punk Film Festival Berlin

Image taken from: germanhistorydocs

There is no doubt that there are true punks in Berlin. At least looking at their clothing and life style I see no difference between them and anarchists in the 80s (and I don’t mean all of them); these are the same leather jackets, the same grinder boots and the same sugar iroquoises. They hang around in the same areas of Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Mitte, bagging for money doing absolutely nothing, but drinking beer, smoking weed, and going to punk concerts. We are against the system, fuck the system! In fact, I never saw true punks in London, even walking around Camden those punks seemed too clean and too hip. Most of the young generation has lost this feeling of a true rocker, dirty punk lifestyle. I am no punk expert, but when it comes to self expression it is very easy to look silly. But then again the 21st century laughs at us all:”Is it really important to have a message behind your look?” And what is true anyway? So where are the real punks?

Well, I don’t think much of British punks, they’re all soft, and they can’t sing either. Russia has the best punks. They make real ska music, stuff you can dance to. Russian’s a rough language and it fits with the idea of punk being aggressive. (UDO, 21. Berlin) Where do you hang out then?

Well, most of the young kids with their “punk“ haircuts hang out in Potse, a bar in the west, so now we’ve moved on. But to be honest, we prefer it here on Alexanderplatz. We’ve got own patch and we know everyone who comes through here. (Dave, 32, Berlin)

With the great amount of punks in Berlin, it somehow made sense to start a film festival dedicated to those, but not only. Too Drunk To Watch has started in 2012, in the cinema Moviemento, then the same year later also took a place in Hamburg. The festival offers feature films, short films and music videos of the punk scene, including many premieres. And beer for just 1 euro, all in style!

Four days of punk cinema; see full programme here:

On the 10th of May in Festsaal Kreuzberg there will be 3 live acts and a surprise.

And here is the interview about the festival with the organizer Cornelius (in German):

Camden, London. Image taken from:


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