Why is it fun to watch Eurovision in Berlin?

Germany, Micaela Schaefer, Eurovision. Image taken from: http://ruptly.tv/

I stopped watching Eurovision more than 10 years ago. When I was a teenager, who lived in a small city, with no Internet connection, Eurovision on TV was definitely the night to get excited about. Then you grow up and simply forget about it. Countries like Latvia, and certain groups of people who carefully follow this event from year to year take it extremely seriously. Did we send the best one to represent our country? They get really worried. And then the country which holds the event, gets super frustrated about the stage, building it specially for this occasion.

It’s politics under the shiny dresses. It’s love and hate between countries.

But in Berlin it does not matter, in Berlin it is another reason to have a party. They organise a big open air, with a huge screen and beers, and simply have a good laugh. Berlin has definitely gathered all European nationalities by now; so it is extremely fun to watch Eurovision if you and your friends are all from different countries. Is my country representative more ridiculous than yours? It gets sentimental only when it’s time to vote. It’s funny, but all the small shops, bars and cafes screen Eurovision. Everyone is watching as if it was football.

And then if your friend’s country is the winner, it is another reason to get another beer.

May the 18th, Malmo 2013. Have fun!

And it does not matter before the actual night, but if you want to know who is participating, please find all the details here: http://www.eurovision.tv/

  1. zsolt.hegyi@vista.hu said:

    Where do you recommend to watch it in Berlin?
    (some open-air place maybe…?)

    Thank you,

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