Location discovery: Fiesere Miese

Image taken from Fiesere Miese FB page

Image taken from Fiesere Miese FB page

Köpenicker Straße 18-20 is a large industrial space. With a Buddha statue in the middle of the yard and Zolando HQ on the corner we bumped first into the people celebrating wedding, and then somebody’s birthday on the beach before we saw the sign “Fiesere Miese 100 metres that way ➝”.

Looking for a clubwe were faced with an inscription PUFF. Old cars, a burning animal head, a red carpet, and the entrance through the bus – that’s Fiesere MieseIt is small in comparison to the famous Tresor and Berghainbut definitely one of the most interesting spaces I’ve seen in Berlin. Stuffed animals, a bathtub with a running water, a wooden barrel for washing hands, tons of old TVs and metal bars are just a few things you can find there.

Sadly it is not one of those places where you can come whenever for a drink. They are open for all kind of bookings, even clothing parties and feasts with white tables for X-mas; which means every weekend is different, and the place does not have a techno label on it. We saw a burlesque performance there which was followed by a minimal-techno DJ. Thank you VAGE and Puresque for having us last night!

Keep your eyes open for their future events here on Facebook.

Fiesere Miese 4 berlin

Fiesere Miese upper bar

Fiesere Miese old cars

Fiesere Miese cars

puff berlin 2

Fiesere Miese stuffed birds

puff berlin 3

Fiesere Miese one of the rooms

puff berlin

Fiesere Miese, view from downstairs

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