Bikesurfing Berlin

Image taken from BikesurfBerlin FB page

Image taken from BikesurfBerlin FB page

Berlin is the third most popular city in Europe. And if you are couchsurfing you might also want to do bikesurfing. Two wheels in a large and active city like this is the best way to explore it.

Bikesurf Berlin offers 19 bicycles which can be rented for free up to 7 days.

Graham Pope is the one behind all this. An experienced couchsurfer who has seen many countries riding his bike, is now based in Berlin since 2011.

The system is pretty simple, check the available bikes on,
book, get confirmation, pick up from the location marked on the map and enjoy Berlin. When returning a bike you might want to make a donation, whether it’s money or beer you decide!

BikeSurf moto: BikeSurfBerlin was launched to provide budget travellers with the best means of transport: bikes. Bikes are fun, healthy, environmentally friendly and cost next to nothing to keep in working order. We do our best to make sure nobody goes without one in Berlin. Two legs good. Free wheels better! 

A great service by the great people for the great visitors! Spread the bike love!




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