Walls on Berlin Wall

East Berliners crossing into the West Berlin on 11. November at the Potsdamer Platz. Germany, 1989. Image taken from http://www.wallonwall.org/

We all know about the Berlin Wall, but what do we know about other Walls which separate people from each other?

Kai Wiedenhöfer, born in Germany in 1966, has photographed eight borders and separation walls which are currently exhibited in Berlin on the Berlin Wall:

Baghdad [700 km]
South-Korea | North-Korea [248 km]
Cyprus | Greenline [180 km]
USA | Mexico [3141 km]
Ceuta and Melilla, Spain | Marocco [8+13 km]
Israel | Occupied Palestinian Territories [703 km]
Belfast | Peace Lines [15 km]
The Iron Curtain | former German – German border [1378 km]

The concept of the exhibition is simple: on the longest remaining part of the Berlin Wall at Mühlenstraße, there are 364 m of the wall which are glued with 36 huge panoramics. Its on the side of wall which points towards the river Spree. The other side of the wall is known as East Side Gallery and one of the touristic hotspots of Berlin.


Wednesday 10, July 2013, 7 p.m.
Berlin Wall, Mühlenstraße
12043 Berlin-Friedrichshain

(WestSideGallery, riverside of the East-Side-Gallery, opposite of the O2 Hall)

test glueing of a 3x9m panoramic print onto the Berlin Wall

The open air exhibition will run from 10, July till 13, September 2013. Admission will be free for everybody 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

More about project: homepage


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