Kreuzberg 1945

Kreuzberg, 1945. Image taken from:

On 3 February 1945 shortly after 11 clock, 937 bombers of the 8th United States Air Force threw 2264 tons of explosives on Berlin. An hour later, it was pitch dark.

There was Exportviertel (export quarter) along Ritterstraße which had a lot of profitable small businesses, and the “press quarter” along Kochstraße was the home for most large German newspapers as well as the Ullstein, Scherl, and Mosse book publishers.

Both of these industrial quarters were almost entirely destroyed during World War II, during the single night.

At least 2,800 people died in the attack, more than 12,000 injured and 120,000 homeless. And this is where we drink and party now…

Russian tanks of the type T34 at the sector border between Berlin-Friedrichshain (East) and Kreuzberg (West).

Berlin-Kreuzberg, Schönleinstraße, 1945

Gleisdreieck 1945

Kreuzberg, February 3rd

der strausberger platz

Bombs over Kreuzberg

Branderburger Tor, Mitte


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