The very Berlin moments

You're crazy my child, you  must go to Berlin.

You’re crazy my child, you must go to Berlin.

This post is about young Berliners, who are weirdly brave in their creative expressions (often compared to equally crazy New Yorkers). Let’s see what those Berliners do, no more words needed:

Take one

Berlin. From huiii mich mal Facebook Page.

no tourists

“Refugees welcome – Tourists piss off!” Backyard on Rosenthaler Straße, Mitte. Author, who are you?

Bubble addicts

Bubble addicts. Taken from huiii mich mal Facebook Page.

Kotti. Author, who are you?

Kotti. Author, who are you?

He-man platz. Kamerapferd.

He-man-platz. Kamerapferd

Honesty wins it all.

Honesty wins it all. Taken from Berlin Loves You Facebook Page.

Action. Antonio Onio

Action. Antonio Onio. Watch the result here:

Author, who are you?

Der Berliner Elefant.

Horse Day in Berlin.

Horse Day in Berlin. Kamerapferd.

Author, who are you?

Just chilling. Author, who are you?

On the way to Kreuzberg. Author, who are you?

On the way to Kreuzberg. Author, who are you?

On the Berlin bus. Author, who are you?

On the Berlin bus. Taken from Berlin Open Air Facebook Page.

Hop. Author, who are you?

Hop. Author, who are you?

Berlin Kudamm. Author, who are you?

Berlin Kudamm. Author, who are you?

Schlafen. Author, who are you?

Schlafen. Author, who are you?

Bosso Fataka

Bosso Fataka

Prenzlauerberg. All rights reserved by Talulah Tamborin.

Prenzlauerberg. All rights reserved by Talulah Tamborin.

Author, who are you?

Just sunbathing. Author, who are you?


Party time. Micaela (Bit)Schäfer?

All rights reserved by Jarkko Riihimäki

S-bahn. All rights reserved by Jarkko Riihimäki

Posters. Author, who are you?

Push the button. All rights reserved by Steve Bauer.

Sbahn monday morning. Author, who are you?

Sbahn monday morning. Taken from Berlin Open Airs Facebook page.

Reading in the sun. Author, who are you?

Reading in the sun. Taken from Berlin Open Air Facebook page.

Axe advertising campaign.

Axe advertising campaign.

TV night sessions. Author, who are you?

TV night sessions. Author, who are you?

Hallo, Winter, please go home. Author, who are you?

Hallo, Winter, please go home. Author, who are you?

From Berlin with ♥

  1. I really need to move to Berlin! Just too awesome!

    • Feel free to visit us, will gladly take you around. I sometimes run alternative tours; could offer you one of those.

      • I would love to! Been to Berlin last year, but that was for work, so we didn’t get too see that much cool stuff, well…we did get to see the eBay compound and the former MTV building. 😛

        Very curious about the ‘alternative’ places of Berlin. It’s kinda funny, I’m working on a project with my girlfriend on sort of an ‘alternative’ map of Rotterdam, can’t go into too much detail about it yet, but hopefully I’ll be able to show it to you in the coming weeks. 🙂

      • Never been to Rotterdam. How is it there?

      • Well, I guess you either love it or hate it. Generally there’s no in between. The city was bombed during the Second World War, so most of it is modern architecture. In the last couple of years there have been many local/creative things happening here, kinda artsy, hipster, underground (open to interpretation). But unlike most cities in which it’s rather clear where the cool places are, in Rotterdam you really need to go look for them. Which is probably why most people don’t like the city so much.

        But hopefully we’ll be in Berlin soon, kind of depends how this Rotterdam map project will go. 🙂

      • I see what you mean with places being hidden. In Berlin if you’re in the city center, you never get a real feel about the city. Lots of best places are hidden in the depths of Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Neukoelln.

        Good luck with the map project. Let me know when you’re around.

    • Lehiff said:

      Please don’t. seriously.

  2. soph said:

    Hey, I was wondering, if the Suppé graffito is still there, and WHERE it is. Would be lovely if you could help me out!

    • Hi,

      it’s a good question. I presume it is in Mitte, I googled for it, but did not find the answer yet. If I do, i will let you know!

    • Steerio said:

      It’s not a graffiti, it’s just photoshopped text on the photo of an empty wall. You can tell that by the typography, matching letters look exactly the same and outlines are perfect, it’s not handwritten.

      It’s actually a postcard that you can buy in souvenir shops here.

    • rue said:

      funny fact about the Suppé thing: from him is just the melody, to which there is a Berliner Mundart song with that text. But you definitely can’t give him credit for the quote.

      Listen to it here:

    • Pleasure, but which one is yours, I thought both with the rip off papers? Let me know if added your name to the wrong ones.

  3. obereg said:

    то что про нас показывают – фигня по сравнению с этим

  4. Lily said:

    looks like Micaela (Bit)Schäfer….

  5. Hello, Here is Eustache Mc Queer,
    I know the guy who made the video in the s-Bahn,
    here the video link : great !

    best regards, Eustache

  6. Antonio.Onio said:

    Hey! My name is Antonio Onio and the picture of the guy on the bikini is me! We were recording a video for the first queer performance festival in Portugal, called Loose Holes! You can see the final result here:

    if you wanna keep on talking or know more about the project add me on facebook: Antonio Onio

  7. Hanna said:

    how can we add more crazy Berlin pictures?

    • Hanna, if you have a great collection of “the very Berlin moments” feel free to forward them to me on art.avanthard AT
      Will appreciate if you know the credits.

      • Hanna said:

        thank you =)

  8. lungile hlatshwayo said:

    YEAH this place is SUPERCOOL

  9. Art said:

    I want to go there…coming soon from Chicago

  10. louis said:

    The third picture “Refugees wlcome, tourists piss off” is taken in Brunnenstr.7, a left-wing house community with a lot of political work and activism going on, right next to Rosenthaler Platz in Mitte. How’d you come up with the idea that it is a hostel when it says “tourists piss off”?

    • I did not come up with an idea, I found on someone’s blog a while ago. Thought it was a joke.
      No problem, will correct it now!

  11. Törööö!!!
    Im The Green elephant und my Name stands to my left.

    I Love Berlin Bitch!!!

  12. Mavis said:

    I want to go back to Berlin so bad…

  13. Eduardo said:

    Hi .. I’m from Brasil and I’m going to Berlin in January/2014 for two days only and It’s my first time in the city. Does anyone suggest a fast schedule for those days ?

    • 1. Take an alternative tour, which starts at 11am, 1pm and 3pm at AlexanderPlatz, next to Starbucks. You’ll get to see most alternative places/districts in Berlin. And you donate as much as you want/can.

      2. I’d say a MUST is: Reichstag Berlin, it’s FREE with a FREE audio TOUR, with an amazing view and architecture, Book a week in advance! Won’t regret.

      3. Go to the Victory Column, and go up only for €3 euros, plus you’ll have fun in the tunnel with the black screens which react on the body movement.

      4. For bars at night go to Weserstr. in Neukoelln. My favorite is Das Tier (it’s fun even on a Monday night). Or a small club Fiese Remise in Kreuzberg, but it’s not open regularly.

      5. If it’s a weekend, exhibition openings can be found here:
      Some events can be found on:

      6. There is a piece of wall on Wilhelmstr. which will give you a real grey feeling of the past, it’s without graffiti and is accompanied by a line of photographs, behind is a free World War 2 museum, another free museum is at the Jewish Memorial, go and see it! It’s disturbing and impressive. Near by you’ll find a spot where Hitler’s bunker used to be and of course Branderburger Tor (take a visit to U55 metro station called Branderburger Tor it has amazing historical pictures inside which will tell you about the wall in 15min).

      Have Fun!

  14. Goh Whey said:

    Berlin is nothing more than a filthy cesspool full of heartless xenophobes and humorless posers and represents perfectly the depths to which the German soul has sunk. The only crazy people in Berlin are the ones who havent emigrated yet.

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