Berlin’s new and only polysexual cultural magazine: Übergang

illustration Darkam

illustration Darkam

Übergang is a cultural and literary magazine in English and German, published twice a year. The publication offers literature with illustrations that reaches out to a liberal audience with features often touching sexual topics through poetry, commentary, interviews and fiction. In Berlin spirit it uses culture to open up minds and promulgate new ways of living.

Launched in September, Übergang comes in convenient pocket size (A5) and has 80 pages in the form of a booklet.

The title is the german word for ‘transition’ as this publication is devoted to documenting the contemporary flux through facts and fiction. The theme of the first issue is the Kottbusser Tor area of Berlin, which is in constant flux and is the target of financial and political speculation. Simultaneously being a sexual and cultural melting pot.

The cover of the magazine

The cover of the magazine

This magazine is relevant today because it strives to create more acceptance with its non­sensationalist approach to sexual texts, in a modern world where intolerance and negativity towards difference persists. And it is unique in being the only bilingual polysexual literary journal of Berlin.

There is social and political critique (e.g. about Wowereit) in the form of poetry and an article on polyamory, and we introduce the Handjerks with his lo­fi tropical song dedicated to Our short stories touch the topics of race and history, art and sex clubs, and doomed romance.

We invited authors and artists whose we admire to work with us, some of them from New York, some of them part of the Poetry Slam scene in Berlin.

From Ubergang "Kottbusser Tor" issue.

From Ubergang “Kottbusser Tor” issue.

Übergang’s manifest:

We live in times of unforeseeable shifts in power. Standards, identities, ideas: they’re all challenged by tediousness, economics and politics.

We want to leave the bourgeois idyll and the stance of irony behind to make way for an optimistic and constructive future. Sex, love, culture, liberation: we go in search of the personalities and phenomena that dare to define the new undercurrent and open up the dialogue.

Stimulus instead of escapism Utopia instead of nostalgia Confrontation and honesty Multiculturalism and polysexuality

Copies are available in Bookshops across Berlin, London, Brussels and Amsterdam. Retail €7.50


All rights reserved by Elena Anna Rieser

All rights reserved by Elena Anna Rieser

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  1. Hi! My name is Gem Andrews I am a writer and musician from the UK. 

    Alongside my creative partner, I have written a play called MARS ONE; VENUS, ZERO which will be on at English Theatre Berlin next week (8th, 9th, 10th Oct) and we were wondering if we could invite you to pop down on one for the night and perhaps review our show?

    The show is about Meninism, male privilege, and Men’s Rights Activists that troll and abuse women online… The show itself consists of myself and my theatre company partner; Richard Gibb. it is mostly in monologue but also with live music and aspects of physical theatre.

    Here’s a link to our page on the ETB site:

    Best wishes,
    Gem Andrews

    PS here’s a bit of the blurb:

    MARS ONE – VENUS ZERO is a one and a half man show exploring the complications of modern masculinity and the recent outbreak of “Meninists”; Men’s Rights activists who troll the internet to harass women and undermine their rights and progress.   
    We step into the world of our misguided protagonist, Mike, as he prepares his audition video for the “MARS ONE” space programme whilst pondering the state of the Earth and his fear of the pending female takeover.

    MARS ONE – VENUS ZERO sets out to highlight a real and ever present danger using storytelling, live music and emotional statistics.

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