Humans of Berlin

Karl Marx Allee. Image taken form I Love Berlin Facebook Page.

Karl Marx Allee. Image taken form I Love Berlin Facebook Page.

Most of you probably have heard about the project called Humans of New Yorka sincere photography assemblage by Brandon Stanton. He is collecting stories, the media would never be able to tell. He has stopped over 10,000 strangers asking very personal questions, and these people shared their life stories with the whole world.

Many cities followed this idea, so did Berlin. Humans of Berlin sadly is not as powerful as the HONY, just because it is less regular, nevertheless these are good quality images and some stories are very exciting too. Go check yourself:

What i love the most is that these stories are often very smart. They make you think and learn.

How touching is this?

“This is such a cool story. About a month ago, I posted a photo of Ricky and Doris. At that time, all I knew was that Ricky was a puppeteer, and he had become good friends with Doris while performing in the park. He loved her so much that he honored her by creating her own puppet. (Top photo). I always assumed that Doris was a woman of very few words. Because every time I tried to speak with her, she smiled, and nodded, but never spoke back. Ready for the kicker?
I ran into Doris a few nights ago in Washington Square Park. And she spoke to me! Clear as day. In fact, she had quite a lot to say. Turns out, she had just gotten out of surgery to fix her vocal cords. For a full year, she had been unable to speak, because a shoulder injury had pinched a nerve in her throat. So you know what that means?
That means that Ricky and Doris had developed this amazing friendship without Doris even being able to talk. To make the moment even more magical, Ricky’s friend was nearby that night. He pulled out a cellphone, and gave Ricky a call. The bottom photo shows Ricky and Doris speaking for the very first time.” Image taken from HONY.


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