You cannot die from hunger in Berlin

© picture alliance­: dpa

© picture alliance­: dpa

Because Germans have a program called Food Sharing.

We all happen to buy sometimes too much, or the wrong item, or we simply go for a holiday and need to empty the fridge. Or maybe you had a birthday party with lots of cakes and salads and now you don’t know how to finish them all. There are many reasons why we throw away food. found the way to save the products we cannot or don’t want to consume anymore.

✎ The system is simple, and it works not only in Berlin but across the whole country. You just need to spend two minutes of your precious time on the website by offering a basket and the pick time and place. The philosophy is also very simple: “People share food.  There should be no exchange of money, as sharing has an ethical dimension.  Through this, we want to give groceries an ideal value as more than just a product.”

Have 3 brötchen and 3 slices of ham which need to be consumed today and you know you are not going to eat them; put them up on the Some people use the website as a chance to meet new people and cook together. ✏ Check it out yourself:

Do you know how much food we waste every year?

“German households throw away food each year, worth about 22 billion euros” – says

“European households throw away 100 billion Euros worth of food each year.” – reports Taste the Waste

Taste the Waste

Taste the Waste  is a platform which takes care of the similar question – how not to waste the food? They are not only focused on German stats and facts, but collect information from across the world.

This platform was created to combat food waste.

“It addresses everybody who feels bad when he sees food in a bin. Do you?Our aim is to show the world how big the pile of wasted food really is and what to do against it. TASTE THE WASTE wants to inform everybody with facts about foodwaste.

But we need your help: On this platform you can upload your videos, photos and texts concerning topics like foodwaste, hunger and consumerism. We ask you to tell us your ideas to stop the madness of food waste. You want to do something against it? Do it now!” – Taste the Waste

Now they have done a movie which was directed by Valentin Turn. This film talks not only about bought products going in to the bins, but also the farm policy – when the tomato does not pass the “good looking” test it simply gets binned.

Taste the Waste film ad

Taste the Waste film ad


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