How to eat for free in Berlin?

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This is in relation to the previous blogpost, how to avoid food wastage and eat for free.

This same organisation just recently started a new initiative called  which makes sure that bakeries and shops in Berlin do not throw away the food they cannot sell tomorrow, but give it for free to those in need. And you do not have be an alcoholic or homeless, anyone can sign up and pick up, sometimes, kilograms of free food.

My flatmates discovered this system about a month ago, ever since we have been having tons of free sandwiches,  sweet pastry, bio salad, broccoli, avocado etc. If the bakery tells you we close at 6pm please come 5min. before, you cannot be late! Once you’re late they will sign you off.

Everything is absolutely for free. You sign up for free, fill out the forms, after 2 weeks time you get an ID card and arrange days and time with the ambassador of the region. Check the website for all the pickup points, it works also outside of Berlin! If you have any questions, just write an ambassador!

You can register as a volunteer, to help to spread the idea; or as a food saver, who consumes the food, and you can also register as an ambassador, which participates in the actual organisation of the food rescue.

This also saves time and money to a shop!!!

Give them a like on Facebook:

P.S. those who are ready to pay, here is an article on the best bakeries in Berlin:

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  1. That’s great, and I like that anyone can sign up for this. I used to work at a young person’s hostel for homeless youth and we got sandwiches from an establishment that were going to go off the next day and couldn’t be sold. Not sure if they would give it out to anyone though.

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