Concert advice February 2014

Mogwai: Rave Tapes

The new Mogwai album Rave Tapes will be released January 20th 2014 via Rock Action/Sub Pop. They are on tour in Germany, and in Berlin February the 6th. They have chosen a very special location, called Tempordrom – it’s a white round building with spiky roof ends. I can see this building from my window. And it is one of those times when the support band is almost as exciting as the main act – Forest Swords. It is one producer, Matthew Barnes, from The Wirral/Liverpool, UK. His latest album is a true forest chaos. Get lost in those sounds!

For those who did not know Barry Burns from Mogwai runs a pub in Neukoelln, called Das Gift, it is always the best music in town and a nice drink selection! I suggest to try Andechs beer, my favorite! Just beware the doppelbock.

After this post-rock show Berlin will have another chance to see  a post-punk/shoegaze band The Soft Moon, who are playing on February the 11th in Berghain, often called the best club in Europe. I have been to a gig there before, it’s great acoustics and the beton echo blends with the cold punky waves very well.

See you there!

  1. LaHaine said:

    Too bad you cannot go to two concerts at the same time, Mogwai play on the same date as Ulver in Berlin. 😦

    • No, unless one starts much later.
      Never heard of Ulver, but sounds pretty dicent, thanks!
      So,which one do you have a ticket for?

      • LaHaine said:

        I’ve bought an Ulver ticket. Their shows are rare events, but I’ll try to catch Mogwai next time again.

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