19 jobs I ever did in Berlin

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All rights reserved by Katya Avant-Hard.

My blog has been dead for almost two years now. But surprisingly it still daily gets a fair amount of clicks; some visitors even leave comments. Have you looked at the date? Four years later the post on Katerholzig is still on the first page on Google search. I guess Berlin hasn’t changed much, has it?

I actually made several blog post drafts, but never managed to write an ending. Some stories will never be told.

Yesterday I counted all the jobs I ever did in Berlin within 3,5 years of living there. So now I sit next to myself circa 2011 and ask:“What would you wanna do in five years time?” “Well, make videos”, I naively reply. I came to Berlin to work in video industry, but ended up doing 19 different jobs. Too bad or not too bad? I still shoot videos, but for Instagram, not money. The work experience I got in Berlin was tremendously diverse, but all the jobs were so badly paid that to visit my family in Riga I had to take a 24h low-cost bus.

One day I will publish a book called “Berlin cleaning diary: how I wiped cocaine traces for €25/h”, but until then you can enjoy my blog archives.

Here is a list of all paid jobs I ever did in Berlin:

  1. Tour guide
  2. Translator
  3. Paleo restaurant chef assistant
  4. Jazz band promoter
  5. Video editor
  6. Film producer
  7. Graphic designer
  8. Journalist
  9. Junior animator
  10. Photographer
  11. Blogger
  12. Online marking intern
  13. Public speaker, leading the initiative Berlin Internship Justice
  14. Event Management
  15. Extra in feature films and TV series
  16. Photo model
  17. Actress
  18. Cleaner
  19. Professional bottle collector

How am I supposed to ever fit all this in my two-page CV? I might just change my LinkedIn title to Senior Survivor Strategist. Triple S, yo!


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